Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept 3 - WOD

Congratulations BEAR Adventure Race Team!
Carlin and Leslie WON the 2 person team catagory in just under 10 hours as team -
"CrossFit Chics"
Entry into The BEAR is open to anyone. There is no qualifying requirement for entry, though Teams should be well prepared for the challenge. All teams must compete and finish together. Teamwork, determination, and fitness are all combined to make this your most exciting achievement. In The BEAR, Two-person teams and three-person or four-person teams will strive to meet the challenges of an event that includes mountain biking on trails and the beach, non-technical climbing, backwoods orienteering, open-water paddling in kayaks or canoes, and off-road running/trekking. There are also "Mystery Tests" that will be placed at various stages along the course. The exact order of the events is not revealed until the day of the event, keeping the atmosphere mysterious. The Mystery Tests will try mental and physical abilities, as well as teamwork strengths. The Three-person / Four-person Coed Teams make up the premier division in The BEAR race. The BEAR will favor those who work together with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and camaraderie.

The BEAR Adventure Race includes a series of stages that must be completed within the race time limits to count toward a successful finish. Some Teams enter the BEAR Sprint with a 6-hour time limit. Those entering The BEAR (10-hour limit) are provided with Stage Instruction sheets to begin the race, and are given the next set of instructions as they complete each stage. There is an intermediate cut-off time, after which Teams are not given the next set of instructions that would clearly cause the Team to finish after the race time limit of 10 hours. At the beginning of the races, both Sprint and BEAR Teams are using the same instructions. In order to win The BEAR, a Team must complete the most stages in the shortest time and stay within the time limit. Teams may choose when to stop racing before the time limit, but could be passed in the standings by teams arriving at the Main Transition later, yet choose to try completing the next stage within the time limit.

The BEAR takes place in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area -- A great multisport adventure and a great celebration of achievement. Two-person and three/ four-person teams compete together to complete each segment of the course, crossing the finish line as a team. The order and distance of each leg is not revealed until the race itself and mystery tests are just that -- mysteries until teams reach them. The BEAR is a test of teamwork, camaraderie, clear thinking, willpower, and determination under pressure -- open to everyone: accomplished athletes, those serious about their fitness, and even weekend warriors. There are no pre-qualifications. Athletes of all experience and fitness levels are encouraged to participate. The minimum age requirement is 15 years old -- any Team member under 18 years old must be accompanied on the Team by at least one of his/her parents.

We are very proud to have been represented by these fine ladies! Please come see their award in the CrossFit Office!

50 "no weight" bar only deadlifts - work on technique
400m Run
200 jump ropes
(1 round)

20 Arm steps during BEAR crawl w/weight - m=30lbs , w =20lbs
15 OHS - m=135, w=95
20 Double Unders
(3 Rounds)


kate w said...

congratulations ladies! they did an amazing thing finishing the bear. it is a NO JOKE adventure race. i am very envious and proud of you two!!

Coach Tanner said...

Need some volunteers (10) for October 4th Atlantic Triathlon (1st one here in Fernandina). CFit is manning a water station. Please respond on blog or pick up a volunteer form in the Sandbox. Thanks for your help!

Gretchen said...

Crossfit Chics Rock!!! Congrats from all the Reeves. Izzy, Livvy and Oscar say "whoo-hoo!!!" Our bear crawl could have used the group grope today. Ken 6:46 Gretchen 7:02

Anonymous said...

You two rock! Congratulations! What's next...100 mile run??? Leslie - I'm available to volunteer for the oct. 4th tri. I'll get a form. Pam S.

chad said...

very difficult. 30# / 95# / triple reg. jump ropes..15:47

KT: 20# / 75# 11:35

Congatulations To Leslie and Carlin- solid work and a cool accomplishment

Coach Lane said...

OK - I was groaning like a BEAR during this WOD...but still not as hurt as a 10 hour race and a 6mi kayak trip....I am sure of it. Great job ladies!

Everyone...great OHS squats today. I love the low stretch in the hips with weight overhead. What a challenge. Thank you for letting me push you guys today!


Chris said...

Overhead squats with that much weight are tough, after first set had to drop from #135 to #95. - 15:35
Chris H.

Alyson said...